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Tip Of The Month Club


Print Your Tip Of The Month Certificate


The Tip of the Month Club is an opportunity for you to share your best kitchen or household tips with folks around the world. Once you submit your tip, you will be able to check back and count the number of thumbs-up and comment replies you receive from other YouTube viewers. In addition to the thumbs-up and accolades from other YouTube viewers, if your tip is selected for Tip Of The Month, you will receive a Tip Of The Month certificate identifying you as an honorary member of the Kitchen Tips OnLine, YouTube Channel, Tip Of The Month Club. You will be able to share the certificate with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms. If you wish to display the certificate in your kitchen or office, you can print it out. The certificate has been designed to fit a standard 8 by 10 inch frame. If we use your tip in a video, we will give you a shout out!  

How We Select The Tip Of The Month
During the first week of every month, we will review all tips submitted during the prior 30 days as comments on our published YouTube videos and choose one or more tips as Tip Of The Month. To be eligible for consideration to the Tip Of The Month Club, a kitchen or household tip must be a legitimate tip that is reasonable, logical, and verifiable. Tip comments with a high number of thumbs-up and comment replies will receive the most consideration. If your tip is selected as Tip Of The Month, we will respond to your tip comment notifying you. At that time, we will provide a link where you can download your certificate. We will also make an announcement in our YouTube channel community section, and on our Facebook and twitter pages that your tip has been selected for Tip Of The Month.


To Be Considered For Tip Of The Month;

  1. Your Tip And Comment Must Be Family-friendly

  2. Your Youtube Username Must Be Family-friendly

  3. Your Tip Must Be Kitchen Or Household Related

  4. You Are Only Eligible For Tip Of The Month Selection Every 90 Days

  5. In the event that two people submit the same tip that is selected for Tip Of The Month, we will choose the tip comment with the most thumbs-up and comment replies as the Tip Of The Month. 

  6. Only tips submitted via the comments section of a video published on our YouTube Channel, are eligible for consideration to the Tip Of The Month club. 


Legal Stuff
The Tip Of The Month program is designed for our YouTube viewers to share kitchen, and household tips. It is not a contest or sweepstakes. The Tip of the Month selection process is designed to allow us to choose the best kitchen and household tips each month and call attention to the person that submitted the tip. By submitting a tip via a comment on a video we uploaded, you agree that we have the right to use your YouTube username, as it appears on your YouTube profile, in a video, on our website, or any other publication now and in the future without compensation. We reserve the right to decide which tip is chosen for Tip Of The Month. Since Kitchen Tips OnLine, is a family-friendly YouTube channel, we reserve the right to determine what is family-friendly. We also reserve the right to modify the Tip Of The Month program at any time, in any way, and to terminate the program at any time without notification.

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