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Cut The Cheese
Are you planning on grating that block of cheese? If so put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes and it will be easier to grate.
Cutting Pizza
Use kitchen shears to cut that pizza. They easily cut through the pizza and that stringy cheese. And on top of that, you won’t scratch the pan.

Instead of tearing off the leafs of the iceberg lettuce to make a salad, cut it into bite size wedges to save time

What Is A Pinch
In cooking, a pinch is normally considered to be about one eighth of a teaspoon.
Calories In One Slice Of Bacon
The average slice of bacon has between 40 and 46 calories. There is about 61 calories in the thick slices.

Roll That Bacon
Roll your bacon up in a log back and forth on the counter a few times before you open the package to make it easier to separate the individual slices.

Hey, Slow Down Bud 

To prevent potatoes from budding while in the bag, place an apple in with them to keep them company.​


Leftover  Wine

Freeze leftover wine into cubes to drop in your sauces later on.​Freeze Dried Marshmallows to prevent marshmallows from drying out, freeze them​


White Cauliflower 

To keep cauliflower white while cooking add a little milk to the water

Keep Ants Off Kitchen Counters

To keep ants off of your kitchen counter, simply wash the countertop with white vinegar and then sprinkle baby powder along the edges.


Keep Your Sink White 

Tried everything to clean my white sink nothing worked until I tried Barkeeper's Friend. It's great, works every time.Wanda R., Oglesby, IL



Try Scotch tape to remove a splinter before you reach for the tweezers. Lynda Z., Birmingham, AL

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