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Most people prefer honey barbecue chicken wings that are crispy. We discovered a way to make our baked honey BBQ wings crispy without deep frying them. And that means, our oven baked chicken wings are a great alternative for those who enjoy homemade chicken wings, and still want to avoid the deep frying process.


We guarantee that if you follow our instructions in the YouTube video, your baked chicken wings will turn out crispy, juicy and delicious. And that's because we were not satisfied with just one or two batches of baked chicken wings, we actually prepared this recipe more than 20 times. That's why we are positive that when your friends try your baked chicken wings, they will not believe that they were oven baked.

Watch YouTube Video, Baked Chicken Wings

On this YouTube video, Baked Chicken Wings, we will show you how to make delicious Oven Baked BBQ Chicken Wings. That’s right, honey bbq chicken wings in the oven! What could be easier?


In fact, our baked wings are so easy to make, that even if you have never baked chicken wings before, we are positive that your baked chicken wings will be perfect.

Watch Video, Baked Chicken Wings

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