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Baby back ribs in an instant pot is a breeze. There are lots of instant pot recipes out there for how to cook baby back ribs, but we think our instapot recipe is one of the best. And that's because our instant pot recipe is so simple even if you have limited experience with an electric pressure cooker, you can still make delicious fall off the bone ribs in about 40 minutes. Our recipe only calls for two ingredients! Imagine that, in less than an hour when you get home from work you will have delicious ribs. Obviously baby back ribs cooked in a smoker, is the best way to go. However our instant rib recipe is a great alternative when you are short on time. We invite you to try our instapot ribs recipe, and let us know how it turns out.


YouTube Instant Pot Ribs

If you like fall off the bone ribs, then our instant pot ribs recipe, is for you.  In fact, this instant pot recipe, is one of our favorite recipes. So one day you come home from work tired and aggravated, imagine how good you will feel when you toss some baby back ribs in your instant pot and they are ready in about 40 minutes.


Video: How To Cook Ribs In An Instant Pot


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