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Johnsonville Sausage Grill Review

If you have been searching for Johnsonville Sausage Grill reviews, then your search is over. This article is a complete review of the Johnsonville Indoor grill, with the official name Johnsonville Sizzling Sausage Grill Yesterday someone asked me, are you the official Johnsonville YouTube channel? And I had to laugh because the confusion comes from the fact that we review a lot of Johnsonville products. On our YouTube channel, we have reviews on Johnsonville Italian Sausage, Johnsonville Bratwurst, the Johnsonville sizzling sausage Grill, and more to come.

The Sizzling Sausage Grill
The Johnsonville indoor sizzling sausage electric grill is a great alternative for folks who live in apartments or condominiums that do not have balconies. Perhaps you live in a high-rise building where you have a balcony but you're not permitted to have a gas or charcoal grill. Well then for you, the Johnsonville Indoor Electric grill, is a great alternative.

The Johnsonville Indoor Electric Grill Review On YouTube

We did a complete review of the Johnsonville Grill on our YouTube channel. If you would like to check out our review of the Johnsonville Indoor grill, here is the link ~ Johnsonville Grill Review

How It Works
The Johnsonville indoor electric grill work strictly on temperature. The grill has a probe that projects through the upper grilling plate into an Italian sausage or bratwurst in the number one position. The grill senses the temperature of the sausage to confirm that there is actually a sausage present. Since the grill does not use any kind of timer, it must have some way to turn itself off. This is done by verifying that the temperature of the number one position is actually cooler than the surrounding temperature. If there is not a sausage in the number one position, the grill will turn itself off and beep after about 2 minutes.

How Many Sausage
You can cook up to 5 Johnsonville Italian Sausage, or Johnsonville Brats, in this electric indoor grill. Actually you could use any brand Italian Sausage or Bratwurst. In fact, on our YouTube video review, we cooked some Hillshire Farm chicken sausage. It turned out fantastic by the way.

No Smoke And No Flame

One of the great things about using the Johnsonville Sizzling Sausage Grill, is that there is virtually no smoke and no flame. There is some steam that vents out during the cooking process, but there is no smoke because the unit will not get hot enough to burn the sausage. And obviously there is no flame because we are using electric heaters to cook the sausage.

Perfect For Dorms And RVs
Since there is no flame, the Johnsonville indoor grill is perfect for college dormitories. It is also great for folks who own motorhomes or any other kind of recreational vehicle. 

Easy To Clean
The grill plates on the Johnsonville indoor grill are actually very easy to clean. The manufacturer says that you can put the plates in the dishwasher after they cool down. There also is a drip tray that acts as a catch trough for the inevitable juices that leach out of the sausage during the cooking process. The manufacturer also says that this drip tray can be put in the dishwasher if you put it on the top rack. We found that they are so easy to clean we just went ahead and cleaned the plates and the drip tray in the kitchen sink with soapy water

Where To Buy
You guessed it! You can buy this Johnsonville indoor grill on our Amazon affiliate store. Just click on the shop button in the menu or the link below. And remember, any time you use an Amazon affiliate link, Amazon pays us a small commission and that helps buy us beer! Thanks  ~ Check Out The Johnsonville Grill Now

The Bottom Line
The bottom line at the end of our review is that we highly recommend the Johnsonville sizzling Sausage Grill. It's one of the few items designed specifically to cook sausage that works exactly as it's supposed to. There's no guesswork and never any overcooked or undercooked sausage.

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