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Egg McMuffin ~ How To Make An Egg McMuffin


Let's face it one of the best breakfast sandwiches in the fast food market is McDonald's Egg McMuffin. We decided to unscramble the Egg McMuffin recipe, so that we could show folks at home how to make Homemade Egg McMuffins . On our YouTube video, How To Make An Egg McMuffin, we demonstrate how to make the perfect McDonald's Egg McMuffin at home.


Also on the video we will show you how to freeze English muffins, along with the procedure on how to defrost them quickly, so that you can make your delicious breakfast sandwich in under 3 minutes. That includes toasting the English muffin, and cooking the egg. We invite you to check out our YouTube video, How To Make A McDonald’s Egg McMuffin at home, and let us know what you think.

YouTube: How To Make An Egg McMuffin

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