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Baked Italian Meatball Recipe YouTube

To make great meatballs, you need to have some ground beef with fat in it. In the case of our meatball recipe, we used an 80/20 mix. That's 80% lean with 20% fat. Having 20% fat in our meatball recipe gives it the delicious flavor and texture that you expect from great Italian meatballs.


We invite you to click on the link and watch our Italian meatball recipe on YouTube and let us know what you think. In fact if you have an oven baked Italian meatball recipe that you think is superior, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Watch The Video on YouTube ~ Easy Meatball Recipe

Have you been searching YouTube for an easy oven baked Italian meatball recipe? Well look no further! Your search is over. Our oven baked Italian meatball recipe is as easy as it gets. In fact we believe that our meatball recipe is very similar to The Meatball Shop recipe. In fact it falls somewhere between The Meatball Shop recipe and the Subway sandwich meatball recipe.

Watch the video, Baked Italian Meatball Recipe YouTube

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