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For example, for our French toast sticks recipe we use ciabatta bread. If you start out with ciabatta bread to make your French toast you are already ahead of the game. How many times have you made French toast only to find out that it was soggy and unappealing. Well that's very easy to do using regular bread for French toast sticks.


By using ciabatta bread, you will not have soggy French toast sticks if you cut them into one in slices. This allows them to be rigid enough to stand up to being dipped into the syrup, but also give some that perfect French toast stick texture. We invite you to try our French toast stick recipe and if you don't think it is the best French toast you have ever had, please come back and let us know in the comments section.


YouTube How To Make French Toast Sticks

In the mood for some tasty French toast sticks? I know what you're thinking, anybody can make French toast at home. Why would anybody need to watch a YouTube video on how to make French toast sticks? Well the answer is very simple, there's always room for improvement. And we think that our French toast sticks recipe stands out in crowd.


Video: How To Make French Toast Sticks


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