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Soggy Pizza Syndrome

Have you ever wondered why women hate soggy pizza? Well the answer is, Soggy Pizza Syndrome. If you like the YouTube channel, Funny or Die, then you will get a kick out of this video.


We just wanted to have some fun making a funny video and much to our surprise, we came across something completely unexpected, Soggy Pizza Syndrome. It's the kind of thing people don't talk about at parties in polite society.

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It wasn't easy but we did our homework. We surveyed literally a number of women. We hung outside the door of the ladies restroom at our local Sears store, before it went out of business to ask women their thoughts on the matter. Why did we pick such a place? Seriously! Come on, everybody knows that's where the women are.


Anyhow during our extensive research before the manager called us perverts and threatened to call the police, we discovered exactly why women don't like soggy pizza. You might be saying, hey everybody hates soggy pizza, both men and women. Well that's true, however we discovered the real reason women seem to hate it just a little bit more. Apparently holding a flaccid limp soggy piece of pizza in their hands triggers bad memories. YouTube Soggy Pizza Syndrome


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