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How To Keep Bananas From Turning Brown

Our #1 tip is all about helping you save money on bananas! How many times have you purchased bananas only to throw away several of them because they were simply too ripe. Obviously you could make banana bread with them, but if you're not inclined to make banana bread with bananas that are too ripe, it is likely that you will simply throw them away.

We discovered a very easy method for keeping bananas fresh longer. The key to preserving bananas so that they last long enough for you to eat them is to understand what causes bananas to get ripe too soon. Banana distributors have understood the process for many years. That’s why they have elaborate systems in place to control the levels of ethylene gas around their bananas.

The first part of the process is to keep ethylene gas away from the bananas while they are being transported from the countries where they are produced, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua, to name a few. The second step to delivering a perfectly ripe banana to the US consumer is to expose the bananas to ethylene gas just before the product is put out to be sold. 

A lot of big distributors of bananas and even some grocery store retailers have what are known as ripening rooms. To prepare the bananas for retail sale, the bananas are put into the ripening room that is flooded with ethylene gas.  Once we discovered that the way to control ripening of bananas is to control the ethylene gas, we started searching for an ethylene absorption system that was inexpensive. The system had to be inexpensive and foolproof. Something a typical homeowner could use. And that's when we discovered the Blue Apple Ethylene Absorption System. Inside the little blue Apple pods are carbon filters that absorb ethylene gas.  We discovered that we could store bananas on the kitchen counter for 15 to 20 days. Watch our video on YouTube, How To Keep Bananas From Turning Brown, and to see exactly how we did it.

The Best Way To Store Bananas

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