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Instant Pot Bone Broth

Instant Pot Bone Broth ~ Instant Pot Recipes

On this YouTube Video, Instant Pot Bone Broth, we will show you how to make a Chicken Bone Broth using leftover frozen chicken and the bones. So why do some folks call it Chicken Stock? Well the difference between pressure cooker chicken stock, and pressure cooker chicken broth, is that chicken stock is usually made with more bones. But since we are using a lot of bones and a lot of chicken meat for our homemade chicken stock, I guess we will have to call it, pressure cooker chicken stock broth. Watch YouTube Video; Instant Pot Bone Broth

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Now the beauty of using an electric pressure cooker to make bone broth, is that you simply lump everything into the electric pressure cooker, push the button and walk away. In this particular case, this is one of our Instant Pot recipes, so we are using the instant pot pressure cooker. The instant pot electric pressure cooker, aka instapot, is one of the more popular electric pressure cookers on the market. That's because it has a stainless steel pot that is easy to clean. In fact, the instant pot cooking inner pot, is virtually indestructible.


In the YouTube video, we show you how to take Frozen leftover chicken including the bones, and make a basic chicken bone broth. We don't use a lot of exotic spices or vegetables, because we want to be able to add as much salt and spices as we want later when we use the chicken stock in other recipes. For our pressure cooker bone broth, we simply use leftover frozen chicken with the bones, some celery, some onions and carrots. We invite you to try this instant pot recipe, and let us know what you think.

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