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Instant Pot Rice

Instant Pot Rice ~ How To Cook Rice In A Instant Pot

Have you ever ask yourself, what is the fastest way to cook rice? Well we believe that the fastest way to cook rice is not actually in a rice cooker. We believe that the question you should be asking is, how to cook rice in an Instant Pot. And the reason we say that cooking rice in an Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker is the fastest way to go, is because we have a method to cook Instant Pot Rice in 12 minutes of actual clock time. You may not know this, but when you use a electric pressure cooker like an Instant Pot, the countdown time on the control does not start until the pressure cooker comes up the pressure.

YouTube Video: Instant Pot Rice

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The amount of time that takes depend on the temperature of the water or other liquid that you put into the instant pot, along with the temperature of the food ingredients. Everything has to come up to at least 212 degrees fahrenheit before the electronic control starts counting down the cooking time. Using the system that we developed through trial and error produces amazing fluffy rice, in almost no time. So then we have to ask the question, what is the best rice cooker? Well that depends, do you just want to cook rice? Because if you would like an appliance that you can use as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, and slow cooker, then the Instant Pot is the way to go. And by the way you should know that at the time of this article, we have no relationship with the folks at Instant Pot. Therefore they have no influence on our recommendation as to what we recommend as the best rice cooker.

We invite you to watch our video on how to cook rice in an instant pot so that not only you will discover how to cook rice fast, you will find out some other tips and tricks. For example in the video, we use chicken broth instead of water. Using chicken broth or chicken stock to make your instant pot rice enhances the flavor. And by the way if you are using chicken stock to make your instant pot rice, whatever you do don't add salt until the rice is finished cooking. This way you can add salt to your particular taste. Chicken broth or chicken stock has a lot of sodium. Here is the link to our YouTube video instant pot rice 

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