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The great thing about our Kentucky fried chicken recipe is that you are guaranteed not to have any undercooked or overcooked chicken. The biggest problem that most folks have when they try to make KFC fried chicken at home is maintaining the oil temperature. Using our KFC style recipe completely eliminates that issue. In fact, our tasters tell us that our oven fried chicken recipe is just as good as the deep fried KFC chicken they have had in the past.

In the video you will notice that we not only make KFC original recipe drumsticks, but more importantly, we found a unique way to make extra crispy Kentucky fried chicken. We invite you to watch our YouTube KFC chicken video and let us know how yours turn out.

Please go to the comment section of our YouTube channel and let us know if you made the original recipe or the KFC extra crispy recipe. We invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel because we intend to make many KFC copycat recipe videos in the future thanks. YouTube: KFC Copycat Fried Chicken Recipe

Have you been searching for a KFC chicken recipe? Well if you have, we have one of the easiest KFC recipes for Kentucky fried chicken at home that you are likely to find.


Our KFC fried chicken recipe uses a combination of flash frying and oven baking to produce some of the best KFC copycat fried chicken you can make at home. Even extra crispy KFC chicken! Video: KFC Copycat Fried Chicken


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