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So why would anyone want to make Mcdonald's French Fries at home? Most people would agree that Mcdonald's French Fries are some of the best french fries available. And since they are relatively inexpensive and just around the corner, I have to ask the question again, why would anyone want to make Mcdonald's French Fries at home?

Watch Video: Mcdonald's French Fries At Home

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Well as it turns out there are lots of folks who would like to make Mcdonald french fries at home because they simply have a craving, or they lack the means to go through the drive-thru. Whatever the reason for making delicious Mcdonald's French Fries at home,  we figured out a recipe that almost 100% duplicate those delicious Mcdonalds french fries.


A lot of folks don't know that Mcdonald's actually uses beef broth to flavor their french fries. That's right Mcdonald's French Fries are flavored. In the process of breaking down the recipe, we discovered that using a combination of chicken and beef bullion mimics the exact flavor of Mcdonald's French Fries.

So after you watch this video on how to make Mcdonald's French Fries, let us know how yours turn out in the comment section of our YouTube channel. Here is the link, McDonald's French Fries

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