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Big Mac Sauce Recipe

​So who doesn't love Big Mac Sauce? Of course I'm talking about the Big Mac Sauce that comes on the McDonald's Big Mac Burger. There has always been a lot of speculation about what the big mac sauce recipe actually is, and whether it is a secret sauce or not.  Well as it turns out, the big mac sauce recipe is not a secret.

Video: How to Make McDonald's Big Mac Sauce

In fact, on a YouTube video, a McDonald's corporate chef talked about the exact ingredients in the big mac sauce. He also indicated that it is not a secret sauce and has been available to the public for a long time. In the video he gave the exact recipe for McDonald's big mac sauce however he did not give the actual measurements of the ingredients.


So we went to our test kitchen, and produced many batches of McDonald's big mac sauce until we got it right. You will see in our YouTube video, the exact ingredients McDonald's uses for the big mac sauce and what the exact measurements are. We invite you to try to make this McDonald's big mac sauce at home, and then let us know how yours turn out in the comment section of the YouTube video.

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