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Instant Pot Baked Potatoes ~ Electric Pressure Cooker

This is another one of our Instant Pot recipes, although this Instant Pot recipe, is probably unexpected, Instant Pot baked potatoes. Most folks don't believe that you can actually make a decent baked potato in an electric pressure cooker. Obviously the only reason someone would want to cook a baked potato in an electric pressure cooker, is that it saves a lot of time.

YouTube: Instant Pot Baked Potatoes

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The good news about cooking baked potatoes in a pressure cooker, is it takes about half the time. In the video we demonstrate that not only are our Instant Pot baked potatoes creamy on the inside, the potato skin on the outside is very close to oven bake potatoes, in texture and in taste.

Most people would just say, wrap the baked potatoes up in aluminum foil when you put it in a pressure cooker. We tried that but our baked potatoes or not as appealing as they should be. The technique that you will see in the video, was discovered after multiple attempts. When you try to cook a baked potato in a pressure cooker, the result can be quite unappealing.

That's why we think our Instant Pot baked potato recipe is one of the best pressure cooker baked potatoes recipes you are apt to find. After you try this Instant Pot baked potato recipe, please come back and let us know in the comment section on our YouTube channel how it turned out. Thanks

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