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If you are new to Electric Pressure Cooking, you are sure going to love this Instant Pot Recipe, red beans and rice. This particular recipe is so easy that even if you do not have any experience using an electric pressure cooker, or an Instant Pot, if you follow the step-by-step instructions listed in the video, we guarantee that you will not fail. 


Video: Red Beans & Rice Recipe

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This is a perfect instant pot recipe for those folks with limited time. If he come home from work, and you are pressed for time, it takes about 10 minutes to prepare everything, and the cooking time for our Instant Pot red beans and rice is only 6 minutes.


Red beans and rice sometimes called cajun red beans and rice, is an extremely easy instant pot recipe. We believe that after you learn how to make red beans and rice in your instant pot, your family will be requesting other cajun recipes.


We are very interested in hearing from you, so after you make your first red beans and rice in your instant pot, please come back and let us know how yours turned out.

YouTube Red Beans and Rice

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