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How To Make KFC Coleslaw

When we started searching for KFC copycat recipes on YouTube, we discovered a lot of confusion and a lot of unnecessary ingredients. We believe that our KFC coleslaw recipe, comes as close as you are going to get to making KFC coleslaw at home. We invite you to try our KFC coleslaw recipe, and let us know what you think in the comment section of this YouTube video.

Watch The YouTube Video, KFC Coleslaw Copycat Recipe

On this YouTube video, KFC Coleslaw Recipe, we will show you how to make coleslaw from scratch, without using unnecessary ingredients. We believe that our KFC copycat coleslaw recipe is one of the easiest coleslaw dressings you are likely to find. And that's because we looked at the ingredients that KFC actually uses to make their famous KFC coleslaw recipe, and eliminated the ones that are used as preservatives. What we wound up with was a KFC copycat recipe, that is not only fast and easy to make, it is delicious.


Video: KFC Coleslaw Recipe


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