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When we say that our chicken nugget recipe is easy, we mean that it is not over-complicated like some of the other chicken nugget recipes that you might see on YouTube. At the factory, Mcdonalds put white meat chicken through a grinder. Then they flash fry the chicken nuggets after they have been breaded. If you do a YouTube search on how to make McDonald's chicken nuggets at home, you are likely to find some folks who actually attempt to duplicate the factory process by grinding their chicken. We tried it and it was a complete mess.


After many attempts, we discovered that the best way to make McDonald's chicken nuggets at home, is to use breast meat chicken and cut it thin. We also discovered a commonly sold spice mix available in grocery stores that has all of the ingredients you need to make McDonald's chicken nuggets at home.

If you have been searching YouTube for a Mcdonald's chicken nugget recipe, your search is over. Our Mcdonald's chicken nugget recipe video is perhaps the easiest chicken nugget recipe that you are likely to find. In fact, our food tasters tell us that our chicken nugget recipe, is the best Mcdonald's chicken nuggets at home they have ever had. We tested this recipe so many times that we had a mountain of homemade Mcdonald's mcnuggets.


Video: Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets Recipe


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With the exception of course of the flour and oil. We invite you to try our McDonald's chicken nuggets recipe, and let us know how it turns out in the comment section of our YouTube video, how to make McDonald's nuggets at home

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